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          600TPD Second Hand Methanol Plant
          • Technology Introduction
          • Technical Features
          • Process Flow
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          This unit uses natural gas as raw material and self heated two-stage pure oxygen conversion process to produce methanol synthesis gas. The patented technology of East China University of science and technology, fixed bed tubular isothermal reactor and three tower distillation are adopted to produce methanol. It consists of five units: natural gas desulfurization and purification, natural gas two-stage purification and heat recovery, isothermal tubular low-pressure methanol synthesis and energy-saving three tower methanol rectification.

          The project was started in March 2007, put into production in July 2008, and stopped production in May 2013. The main reason for the shutdown is the interruption of supply of PetroChina natural gas. The main equipment has been well protected since the shutdown.

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