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          Crude methanol refinery technology
          • Technology Introduction
          • Technical Features
          • Process Flow
          • Reference Plant

          Crude methanol rectification process includes single-column process, two-column process, three -column process and energy-saving three-column process. The feature of Four processes are as follows: 

          No.Crude methanol rectification processFeature
          1single-column process1.Methonal-water regroup, separate in one column
               2.Advatange: investment saving, reduce heat energy    consumption
               3.Disadvantage: the purity of refined methonal is not    very pure.
          2two-column process1.The combination of pre-recification column and main rectification    column
               2.Refine crude methonol including dimethyl ether and    other light components and reducing impurities
               3.Advantage: simple process ,user friendly, less    investment
               4.Disadvange: high energy consumption, low purity
          3three -column process1.Three rectification column work under the same    pressure. The third rectification column produces
               2.Advantage: high purity
               3.Disadvantage: high investment. Need more area
          4energy-saving three-column process1.Two main rectification columns and final rectification    column, the first main rectification column is pressure-increasing column. The    second one is normal pressure column. Two columes produce 50%-50%
               2.Advantage: envery saving, reduce the ethanol content of    the purified methanol, product quality is better; methanol yield is higher,    low operating costs
               3.Disadvantage: high one-time investment

          Our company's crude methanol distillation technology is based on the fourth energy-saving three-tower process, the main feature is to fully optimize the heat transfer network, so that the use of steam and circulating water to a minimum, in order to achieve energy conservation and investment optimization.

          (1) High yield of the process: fine methanol recovery rate of 99.86% (refined methanol production and feed the amount of methanol contained in the ratio)

          (2) Using a mature double-effect distillation method: the use of pressurized overhead gas phase for the atmospheric tower reboiler heat source.


          To 300,000 tons / year 90.82% methanol distillation as an example.

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