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          Methylal Refining Technology
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          Methaldehyde has excellent physical and chemical properties, that is good solubility, low boiling point, and water compatibility can be widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, household goods, automotive supplies, pesticides, leather polish, cleaning agents, rubber Industrial, paint, paint, ink and other products, but also because the methyl acetal has a good ability to oil and volatile, as a cleaning agent can replace F11 and F113 and chlorine solvent, it is an alternative to freon, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs ) Emissions of environmentally friendly production.

          As the methyl acetal and water, methanol to form azeotrope, the traditional distillation method can only get about 92% of the methylaldehyde ternary azeotrope. However, in the methylal industry, in addition to part of the solvent uses 85% -93% purity, the rest need more than 99% purity of the methyl acetal products. At present, the industrial formaldehyde refining methods are mainly salt distillation, liquid-liquid extraction, ion exchange, adsorption and pressure distillation method. The characteristics of these methods are summarized as follows:

          1Salt distillation methodThe separation process is complex and the    operation is demanding
               Waste treatment is complex, has been gradually    eliminated
          2Liquid - liquid extractionThrough the introduction of the third    component refined methyl acetal, need to supporting the extraction agent    recovery device
               Disadvantages: equipment investment,    operational energy consumption, the introduction of new impurities into the    product
          3Ion    exchange methodThe crude acetal crude product has passed    the strong alkaline anion exchange resin column, strong acid cation exchange    resin column to obtain high purity products
               Disadvantages: limited processing    capacity, resin recycling costs are high
          4Adsorption methodThe separation of the alcohol and methyl    acetal by molecular sieve was used to separate high purity methylal
               Disadvantages: limited handling capacity,    one-time investment in adsorbents and high regeneration costs
          5Transformed distillationThe use of atmospheric pressure and high    pressure, methyl acetal/methanol/water azeotropic composition changes, to    achieve methylal refining
               The separation efficiency of the    equipment is relatively high

          Our company's methyl acetal technology, according to the customer's requirements for the purity of methyl acetal products to pressure-based distillation to add the method to add.

          Glyphosate by-product 50,000 tons / year acetal refining device as an example.

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