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          We have Civil Protective Masks on sale.

          Mar 12, 2020

          We have Civil Protective Masks on sale.

          Civil Protective MasksCivil Protective Masks

          The world is facing a shortage of protective equipment. Personal protection resources such as masks, disposable gloves, and goggles are in short supply. The current consumption is more than 100 times the usual price, but the price is more than 20 times the normal level. In the global epidemic, around the masks, countries around the world are staged in a "battle for battle. In Europe, some countries have begun to ban the export of protective materials, some countries' raw material channels have been cut off, and conflicts between countries are frequent. China has not set any masks. Trade control measures and willingness to provide assistance to relevant countries within the scope of medical protective materials such as masks. While China overcomes bottlenecks and dilemmas in the production of masks, China persists in international assistance to the best of its ability. In the face of China's shortage of masks, we still Release of supplies abroad.

          We are a Chinese factor. We have Civil Protective Mask on sale. If you need a mask, please contact us.

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