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          SL TEC’s core competency lie in its research center with the technical support from Tianjin University, whose chemical engineering center tops in China. The technology founders of SL TEC are well-known experts in the fields of chemical separation, especially chemical distillation., having provided distillation/ absorption /disabsorption /extraction/heat exchange/scrubbing solutions for hundreds of chemical plants. The typical separation technologies SL TEC can provide includes:
          Methanol Distillation System
          Styrene Distillation System
          Ethanol Distillation System
          Polyol Separation System
          High Purity Organic Silicone Separation System
          DMC(dimethyl carbonate) Reaction Distillation System
          Crude Benzene Purification System
          Crude Phenol Separation System
          Aniline Separation System
          Phenol-Acetone Separation System
          MEK(methyl ethyl ketone) Separation System
          Purification System in POM plant
          Organic Solvent Separation System
          Organic Solvent Dehydration System
          Diluted Formalin Recovery System
          R&D Capability
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