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          60m3 Reactor MUF Plant of CONG TY TNHH KEO NHUA QUANG MINH, Vietnam

          Mar 07, 2017

          CONG TY TNHH KEO NHUA QUANG MINH is a newly established company in TINH VIHN PHUC, VIETNAM, specialized in the production of UF/MUF resin glue required by plywood, MDF, particle board, laminate and other wood industries.

          As its main investor is from China, it has surveyed all the leading UF glue technology providers in China, and finally selected the partner of SL TEC. Our partner has been providing urea formaldehyde (UF) glue plants for over 20 years, and has built about 500 UF/MUF production lines from both China and abroad.

          In March 2016, the equipment was delivered to Vietnam.

          In June 2016, the UF glue plant was put into production.

          UF Resin Glue Plant

          Reactor of UF Glue Plant

          Control System of UF Resin Glue Plant

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